Case Study:

Humberside Police

Humberside Police – protecting people & property with Chameleon

Humberside Police is using Chameleon Strongest Signal SIM to help safeguard potentially vulnerable victims, protect buildings and assets at risk from theft or arson, and to maximise the operational effectiveness.

The challenge

Humberside Police faces all the challenges of serving a diverse population in both built-up areas and countryside. One challenge – protecting potentially vulnerable victims – has led Humberside Police to deploy Chameleon Strongest Signal SIMs to provide a fast and effective response in what can, at times, be life and death situations.

Individuals or groups can become vulnerable because of characteristics such as religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, relationships with partners, or ethnicity. Whatever the reason, a vulnerable person can be the subject of a range of offences such as harassment, physical assault or sexual attack.

The police have a responsibility to protect vulnerable people. The use of alarms powered by Chameleon Strongest Signal SIM enables the police force to do just that, quickly and effectively. In many occasions, alarms need to be deployed at very short notice or in locations where landlines are not appropriate, making an alarm with an embedded SIM the best solution. The type of alarm can vary from a panic button activated by a victim to a passive or silent alarm which alerts the police without an intruder knowing.

“It can be a very flexible way of protecting people”, says Gary Woolston, Technical Support Manager. “The vulnerable person gets the reassurance that help is just a call away, but they can live their lives without an intrusive police presence. For the police, it means we can provide effective protection only when needed, freeing us to deal with day-to-day police work.”

It’s not only people who are at risk; Humberside Police also uses the Strongest Signal SIMs in alarms in a variety of domestic and industrial buildings. Alarms are placed in locations and sites where there is a particular risk of theft, arson or criminal damage for example for high value capital equipment. Alarms are also used to protect unmanned crime scenes to ensure that no one tampers with evidence while the investigation is ongoing. The stakes are high in every sense of the word, and it is vital that an alarm gets through unhindered by any variation in network coverage.

“No single network can guarantee to provide 100% coverage in every location”, says Gary. “We wanted something which would give us the most resilient connectivity, and the Chameleon SIM gives us just that.”

Typically, Humberside Police has a number of Chameleon-powered alarms in service at any given time. In the four years they have been used by the force they have proved their worth.

“There’s no question”, says Gary “that the alarms have saved lives, caught burglars, prevented arson attacks, and saved individuals from constant harassment.”

Maximum mobile connectivity

“For the police and others charged with protecting people, buildings and assets, it makes sense to take advantage of the best mobile technology can offer, to ensure maximum operational capability,” says Sarah Creighton, Chameleon product manager

When it really matters, Chameleon can provide the solution – offering users the ability to roam across UK networks via a single SIM, providing access to the strongest signal in any given location, to offer the best possible coverage at all times.

The SIMs can be used with virtually any mobile handset which is not subject to network locks, and provide access to all UK GSM networks. The service also gives 3G, Packet, and Circuit Switched data coverage across all UK networks. It can be programmed with the appropriate class of service so that the SIM will work under MTPAS conditions, for organisations entitled to MTPAS status.

Everything about Chameleon is simple to set up, easy to operate and scalable. Ordering new, replacement or additional SIMs is easy and billing is straightforward. No bundles, no subsidised or special handsets – just the best possible mobile coverage, regardless of location. Chameleon is available from Global Solutions, the market leader in providing strongest signal mobile connectivity for the UK market.

Chameleon – when it really matters

  • Maximum mobile connectivity
  • Roams across UK networks via a single SIM
  • Selects the strongest signal in any given location
  • Provides the best possible mobile coverage at all times
  • Can be used with virtually any handset, or device which uses a SIM card
  • Gives 3G, Packet and Circuit Switched data coverage across most UK networks
  • Compatible with MTPAS
  • Simple to set up, easy to operate, and scalable
  • Straightforward monthly billing

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