Manx Telecom brings first 5G demo to the Isle of Man

Manx Telecom today brought the power of 5G to the Isle of Man for the first time. It showcased the amazing potential of the mobile network technology to drive business innovation and growth on the Island, to significantly enhance service experience for everyday consumers, and demonstrate how it creates the opportunity for the Isle of Man to be a potential testbed for 5G innovation.

Ed Jennings, Chief Commercial Officer at Manx Telecom, said: “5G presents a genuinely exciting opportunity. What we are most excited about is the step-change in how people on this Island live, work, and enjoy leisure time, and the wider possibilities 5G could create to drive business innovation and growth on the Island.”

5G is the generic name given to a new type of mobile network technology which offers the potential to deliver mobile internet download speeds of up to 10 Gbps. This would, for example, allow consumers to download full HD movies and videos to their mobile devices in around 10 seconds instead of 10 minutes. The high speeds, low latency and higher reliability of 5G also opens up the possibility for a range of new service applications to become technically and commercially viable. Think self-driving cars, delivery drones, virtual and augmented reality gaming (VAR), and remote robotic applications.

Ed Jennings added: “It is important to understand that launching 5G is a complex undertaking and significant investment is required. There are a number of ways in which the technology could be deployed and we must always remember that this sort of technology is ultimately just an enabler – the true value of 5G will really only be realised when specific industry or user-specific cases are defined and developed. We believe that this can best be achieved when a broad cross-section of the public and private sector is involved and are working together in partnership. Manx Telecom is proud of its history of innovation and thought leadership, but we treasure opportunities like this to really listen to and engage with our customers. This first opportunity for people to see first-hand the potential for change, innovation, and growth that 5G can deliver is the ideal way to provoke critical debate and develop deeper and more meaningful collaboration.”

Global technology giant Huawei was invited by Manx Telecom to bring its ‘5G Is Now’ roadshow to exhibit a select number of 5G business applications. The roadshow visited the headquarters of the Island’s leading communications solutions provider at Isle of Man Business Park in Braddan.

Manx Telecom business customers and guests from Isle of Man Government – including Chief Minister Howard Quayle MHK and Minister for Enterprise Laurence Skelly MHK – were invited to attend. Technology experts from Huawei and Manx Telecom were at the heart of discussions about potential applications for 5G in the private and public sectors.

Because it delivers much faster speeds and greater capacity, 5G offers the potential to significantly enhance the service experience for everyday consumers using smart devices on the move and in the home. Not least, it presents an opportunity for the Isle of Man to be a potential testbed for 5G innovation with applications that could play a significant role in attracting inward investment.

The 5G showcase is another first for Manx Telecom – four years ago it launched the Island’s first 4G network. The company is also a leader in rolling-out fibre (FTTP) technology on the Island with 12% of premises expected to have access to fibre by the end of this year. The 5G event follows the recent launch of MT clearSound, a mobile phone product which creates a personal hearing experience for people with hearing loss. The innovation is a global first in mobile phone technology.


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