Innovative and flexible MVNE solutions

Traveller MVNO

Global Solutions has been offering connectivity solutions since 2005. In that time, leveraging our 600+individual roaming agreements, we have launched a variety of white label international roaming products with our partners.

We enable these partners to offer global connectivity, by amalgamating preferential roaming agreements and local MVNO partnerships, in bespoke ways, to provide cost-effective solutions for their customers.

Our proprietary WebService APIs enable mobile service providers to manage all of their traffic, in real-time.

Strongest Signal Mobile

Whilst your preferred UK mobile network might provide suitable coverage for much of the time, there are occasions when your mobile signal may be poor, intermittent or simply unavailable.

Our Strongest Signal SIM Service enables you to access all available UK mobile networks and attach to the strongest signal, giving you the best possible mobile coverage, when you need it most.

The solution is ideal for those who live, work or spend time in remote locations or travel a lot in their day-to-day life.

As a result, we are the market leader for a wide range of critical connection applications, such as Lone Worker communications.

Case Study

Cambrian Veterinary Centre

Case Study

Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service

Case Study

Humberside Police


We can support the launch of new UK MVNOs via the integrations that we have implemented with leading UK mobile operators.

Wholesale Services

Innovative wholesale numbering solutions including virtual mobile services, long-number voice and SMS termination, audiotext and voice transmit; plus, local numbers and DDIs for multiple countries.

Intelligent MVNE Platforms

Powered by Manx Telecom Group company Partitionware, our Intelligent Platforms enable real-time configuration and control of SIM profiles, usage and costs:

  • Flexible, multi-tenant architecture enabling seamless partnering with an unlimited number of distributors or resellers
  • Powerful and extensible APIs
  • 24/7 expert support

Collaborative Growth Partner

We believe that the most sustainable way to grow in business is to enable shared success.

So, we work collaboratively with our partners, to identify how best we can leverage our operator capabilities and deep market experience, to support the needs of each opportunity.

With an entrepreneurial mindset, we work with partners to develop innovative commercial structures, which enable rapid growth.

We are proud of our track record of supporting our ambitious partners to build successful businesses.

"Global Solutions are accessible, collaborative and innovative. This, plus their deep expertise in IoT connectivity, make them an invaluable partner."

Dr. Andrew Marsh
Founder and CEO, HoIP Telecom

Global Coverage

600+ roaming agreements, in 170+ countries, enabling global connectivity on a single SIM card, simply and at the lowest possible cost